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Ventilation grids & air vent


In addition to their usefulness, our air vents and cast iron vents add a touch of character to your interior decoration.

The addition of an ornamentation wrought iron always brings a little more, reminiscent of the objects of yesteryear and the countryside. Their authentic touch, usually with an oxidized finish, helps perfect a decorative staging in the old country style

We also reproduce by reproduction your ventilation grid, your heating grid, your decorative grid, cast iron or wrought iron. This copy concerns all styles even for the restoration of Haussmannian, old and old copy.

Dimensions given for information only. Contact us for any special requests.


Rectangular ventilation grid 


Square air grating 


Round ventilation grid

Rectangular ventilation grid

Rectangular ventilation grid

Aeration grid of the size of a brick

Adjustable rectangular ventilation grille

Adjustable ventilation grille with housing



Square adjustable aerator

Round adjustable aerator

Cast iron casing for adjustable ventilation grid

Cast iron housing for square adjustable ventilation

Ventilation grid 360 x 860 mm