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Prototyping and CAD design


In the interests of responsiveness and continuous quality improvement, the Birdie foundry has developed an in-house design and modeling department.

By entrusting us with their projects, customers benefit from transversal experience and know-how.

Modelizations are carried out on our CAD stations. 3D models allow us to validate component assemblies, optimize materials, develop the best production techniques, and provide manufacturing plans for machined or fused components.


From the first point to the computer image

The design office draws on 2D and 3D assisted design technologies, from the creation of primitives (lines, arcs, volumes, ...) to the creation of structured and parameterized complex objects ( Architecture, Engineering, Heritage Management ...), according to the objectives to be achieved.

Rapid prototyping by 3D printing - 1 to 10 pieces

    • > Speed: from 1 to 2 weeks only, for a raw part
    • > Economic: no previous tools required
    • > Making the mold and the cores from a simple 3D file