As part of our activity and its industrial development, we have acquired a know-how allowing us to work different shades of fonts for various industrial sectors.

For this, our foundries have all the equipment and machines needed for the production of single parts or large series.

We produce parts from a few grams to over 30 tons.


Mechanical parts for industry

The production of foundry parts for the industrial sector is our main sector of activity.


Agricultural machine and counterweight cast iron


Industrial and military vehicles


Railway construction and counterweight cast iron


Mining industry


Pumps and valves


Stoves, heaters, professional factory


Street Furniture and Road Smelter


Molds and tools

Production of finished parts ready for assembly

Agricultural and Construction Machinery

Industrial Foundry - Agricultural and Construction Machinery

For all forms of energy

Fonderie industrielle - Pour toutes les formes d'énergies

Construction and BTP

Fonderie industrielle - Construction et BTP


Fonderie industrielle - Ferroviaire

Example of cast iron parts