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Window railing

All of our cast iron window railing, cast iron grab bars and cast iron railings are made in accordance with our traditions and are sold at the best price.

New impact-resistant: our cast iron support bars, window railing and railings are manufactured in accordance with the NFP 01 013 standard (see video) and NFP 01 012


We manufacture railings, grab bars, window railing, cast iron and wrought iron. Our old window sills, old railings and old support bars are made by Birdie since 1850

Railing cast price consult us, support bar cast price consult us, cast iron window support price contact us.


We also reproduce by reproduction your railing, your support bar, your window railing made of cast iron or wrought iron. This copy concerns all styles even for the restoration of Haussmannian, old and old copy.


Dimensions given for information only. Contact us for any special requests. Rates: contact us.