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Front weight

BIRDIE FOUNDRY created its cast iron foundry activity in 1850. At the origin of its creation, the Birdie Foundry family worked already and mainly for the agricultural market by manufacturing agricultural rollers today called Cambridge, croskille and croskillette

Birdie Foundry began manufacturing his first farm tractor mass, also known as the tractor mass jerrycan, in 1935, 44 years after the creation of the first caterpillar and steam tractor that was invented in Russia in 1881.


In fact, the first wheeled tractor was invented in 1909 a few decades after the first model was created.

The tractors became more and more heavy, and it was necessary to ballast the front and sometimes the rear of the tractors.


The first jerrican tractor mass had a weight of 15 kg. Nowadays, relative to the evolution of the power of agricultural machinery, there are counterweights that can reach a weight of 2,000 kg.

The additional tractor weights are manufactured by our company for weights ranging from 19 to 110 kg. We manufacture cast iron tractor masses (also called jerrycan mass due to resemblance to a jerry can) for Agco, Valtra, Massey-Ferguson, New Holland, Case, Claas, Renault, McCormick, John Deere, Kubota, Same tractors, Deutz Fahr and also tractor weights for tiller, which we call micro-tractor, we also have wheel weights and produce large masses of over 600 kg.


The jerrycan masses are melted at a melting temperature between 1480 ° and 1500 °, they are made by footprint in a sand mold following a model of aluminum or resin.


Our tractor counterweights are painted according to tractor brand paintings, we can deliver all over France and in all countries. We have a large stock of tractor counterweight do not hesitate to contact us for any request.


Front weight 55 kg ratchet - AG55C

Front weight valtra 55 kg - AG55VA

Front weight Agco 60 kg with hook - AG60CR

Front weight CHALLENGER 45 kg - CH45

Massey Ferguson Front weight 51 kg with hook - MF51CR

Front weight Massey Ferguson 45 kg ratchet - MF45C

Front weight box 45 kg - CA45

Front weight box 110 kg - CA110

Tractor mass new holland 40 kg - NH40

Tractor mass new holland 45 kg - NH45

Front weight 52 kg right - CL52D

Front weight claas 52 kg left - CL52G

Front weight 50 kg CLAAS tractor - LC50

Tractor mass john deere 50 kg - JD 50

Tractor mass john deere 50 kg us - JD50 US

Front weight john deere 45 kg - JD45

John deere tiller Front weight 19 kg 32 kg - JD19 and JD32

Front weight kubota 25 kg - K25

Tractor masse Kubota 25 kg - KN25

Front weight kubota 47 kg - K47

Front weight kubota 47 kg - K47

Front weight same deutz fahr 40 kg & 25 kg to click - SF40C-SDF25C

Front weight same deutz fahr 22 kg - SF22

Front weight same deutz fahr 25 kg vine - SF25VI

Front weight same deutz fahr 30 kg - SF30

Front weight same deutz fahr 35 kg - SF35

Front weight same deutz fahr 50 kg - SF50

Front weight same deutz fahr 40 kg agrotron - SF40AG

Front weight Iseki 25 kg - IS25

Tractor Weight Carrier - SFPM1

Front weight carrier - SFPM2

Front weight holder - SFPM5

Front weight holder - SFPM6

Front weight same deutz fahr 40 kg agrotron - SF40AG