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Heating grid


All our grills are sold at the best price. Our cast iron heating grids are made with respect for our traditions. Our old cast iron heating grilles have been forged by the Birdie Foundry family since 1850. We also reproduce, by reproduction, your cast iron grill, for churches, houses, buildings, etc ...


Dimensions given for information only.



heating grids QA
ref: Heating grid QA

400x440 mm adaptable to all dimensions

Standard 340x860 mm

heating grids QR
ref: Heating grid QR

470x470 mm

400x400 mm

heating grids QU
ref: Heating grid QU

490x490 mm

heating grids 200x200
ref: Square heating grid

200x200 mm

ou 150x150 mm

Round heating grid DIAM110
ref: Round grid DIAM110

Diam 110 mm

Round grid DIAM180
ref: Round grid DIAM180

Diam 180 mm

heating grids 240x120
ref: GRectangle grid

Available dimensions:

240x120 mm - 210x120 mm - 220x60 mm- 220x110 mm - 240x120 mm

heating grids 180x120
ref: Rectangle grid

Available dimensions:

180x120 mm - 110x60 mm - 110x100 mm - 130x100 mm - 160x100 mm

Rectangular brick grid 160x125
ref: Rectangular brick grid 160x125

160x125 mm

Rectangular brick grid 220x60
ref: Rectangular brick grid 220x60

220x60 mm

Rectangular brick grid 220x160
ref: Rectangular brick grid 220x160

220x160 mm

heating grids QV
ref: Heating grid QV

370x672 mm

QL rectangle grid
ref: QL rectangle grid

500x750 mm

QS rectangle grid
ref: QS rectangle grid

1200x335 mm

QT rectangle grid
ref: QT rectangle grid

1440x175 mm