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Door Grills


All of our cast iron grilles are made in accordance with our traditions and are sold at the best price.
New shock resistant: our railings, railings and cast iron grates are manufactured according to standard NFP 01 013 (See video) et NFP 01 012.

We manufacture door grates, grids, partition grids, cast iron and wrought iron. Our old grids are made by Birdie foundry since 1850. Cast iron gate price consult us, grid of defense cast price to consult us.

We also reproduce by identical reproduction your door grill, your defense grid, your separation grid, cast iron or wrought iron. This copy concerns all styles even for the restoration of Haussmannian, old and old copy.


Dimensions given for information only. Contact us for any special requests. Rates: contact us.


Dimensional explanatory diagram.

Dimensional explanatory diagram.

Door grill

ref: OL


HT1: 1200 mm

HT2: 1100 mm

LG1: 460 mm

Door grill

ref: QB


 620 * 1230 * 13

Door grill

ref: QC


HT1: 870 mm

HT2: 780 mm

LG1: 405 mm

LG2: 295 mm

Door grill

ref: QD


1054 * 630 mm

Frame thickness 18 mm

Sheet thickness 30mm

Door grill

ref: QE


HT1: 675 mm

LG1: 1130 mm

Door grill

ref: QG


HT1: 1202 mm

HT2: 1005 mm

Door grill

ref: QP


HT1: 1250 mm

HT2: 980 mm

LG1: 610 mm

LG2: 468 mm

Door grill

ref: UM


HT1: 1140 mm

HT2: 1050 mm

LG1: 580 mm

LG2: 400 mm

Door grill

ref: UT


HT1: 1030 mm

HT2: 900 mm

LG1: 400 mm

Door grill

ref: UV


490 * 1400