Trap and flap

Shutter valve for bushel

Shutter valve

Material : Cast iron

Install and keep your chimney flue or stove clean. We have a large selection of ducts and flaps to realize your smoke circuit for your custom installation. Easily maintain your flue through our cast iron chimney hatches.

All solutions
Check valves and by-pass for mass stove or for your chimney, a very complete range. Sliding, sliding, rotary valves, with cast iron front and handle shank.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request, we can adapt the solutions to the dimensions that correspond to you.



Closure valve adapted

closure valve

Material : Cast iron

Dimensions : 300x300

For internal cup of 200x200

About cast iron Firebacks

In the distant past, the smooth cast iron firebacks were placed vertically in the hearth and they were visible on the kitchen side. This allowed especially to heat in addition to the next room.

The bottom of the fireplace are intended to be placed on the ground to send heat back to the room but also to protect masonry bricks from the heat of the fireplace. They are now because of their simplicity also laid on the vertical part of the hearth we call them simple plates. These firebacks are also designed to be placed in the bottom or on the sides of a barbecue grill .


The firebacks can also be used as a griddle for cooking.

We have different dimensions with thickness that guarantee the fire resistance.


It is recommended not to extinguish the fire with water or any other liquid product as this will cause a thermal shock and the melting will not support it.

It is also advisable not to clamp (tighten) the cast iron firebaks as the size varies with changes in temperature.


We realize all the dimensions of smooth and basic chimney fireback or chimney plates that you would need with also the possibility of recessing.

Our cast iron floor plates are painted black, be aware that the painting will not hold after a first exposure to fire and this paint for purpose only purpose to be presentable for sale.


We can deliver on all France and in all countries. We have a large stock of cast iron firebacks, do not hesitate to contact us for any request.