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Multi-strand sling

4 strand sling

4 strand sling


Code A B C D E
C.M.U angle 0 to 45° (kg) 2100 4200 6300 8400 10000
Round polyester sling 4428M 4428N 4428P 4428Q 4428R
Triple ring 5056C 5056C 5056D 5056E 5056F
Connecting link 5183B 5183B 5183C 5183D 5183E
Joker Hook 5142G 5142H 5142J 5142K 5142L
Protective sleeve 4425L 4425M 4425N 4425O 4425O

Joker hook

Joker hook


Masses intended for the verification of safety equipment. Designed to meet the requirements of static tests of lifting accessories and lifting devices in accordance with the decree of 1 March 2004

Our engineering and production capabilities also allow us to meet your specific needs for mass design and manufacturing.

Our masses are all stackable with each other, regardless of their weight (for models from 200 to 1000 kg) in order to obtain the desired control weight.

For a periodic general inspection (VGP) at least every 12 months for overhead cranes, cranes, hoists and winches and every 6 months for forklifts, aerial platforms, etc.



Made of one-piece gray cast iron

Finishes: standard black paint

Tolerance: nominal mass +/- 5%

Weight: Masses of 25, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 kg (if higher masses contact us)



Stackable and adjustable masses per 25kg. Manipulable by slings and forklifts. 
Examples of applications:

● Crane

● Earthmoving machine

● Forklift

● Lift platform

● Winch and hoist

● Construction gantry

● Bridge crane and gantry

● Liftgate

● Lift table


Our different weight masses VGP

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