Urban furniture

Urban furniture is, according to a contemporary expression, a concept that encompasses all the objects that are installed in the public space of a city to meet the needs of users .

Street furniture is often defined as : "Set of public or private objects or devices installed in the public space and related to a function or service offered by the community".




 Mobilier Urbain



So it can be as well :


 - Rest furniture (bench, bench, seat, table, sitting upright).

 - Objects contributing to the cleanliness of the city (trash, baskets, sanitary).

 - Public lighting equipment (streetlamps, candelabras, lampposts).

 - Information and communication materials, (newsstands, masts and columns, poster holders, street signs, orientation tables).

   Children's games.

 - Useful objects for the circulation of vehicles (poles, posts, bollards, barriers, railings, parking meters, bicycle racks, bodyguards).

 - Grids, guardians and tree corset.

 - Shelters designed for public transport.

 - Fountains, pans with palm trees, pots, planters, etc